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Dying of a broken heart disease...

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Super Evie-chan Edition
User Number: 1030981
Date Created:2003-04-28
Number of Posts: 164

Naturally anti-social, she tends to keep to herself unless she's around friends. Her hobbies include art stuffs, playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live, and hanging out with The L337 Squad.
Strengths: Drawing(*cough*), writing, intelligence, geekiness, Photoshop-ness, 3D animation, easy to talk to, good listener
Weaknesses: Miltor, the Master Chief, Rap(le eeewww), chongers (bad! bad!), chicken, lo mein
Special Skills: Uberlord-ness, OMGWTFBBQLOL punch, teh Sushi kick, the ever-so-popular bitch slap
Weapons: Razorblade kisses, a defective penguin, mah paintbrushes, teh purse-o-doom,Brett's shotty, whimpers,and my puppy eyes.
H3r Squ4d: Miltr0n,Michi-kun
The Jedis: Jedis are worth more than your soul. XD +600000000000.485939409365830254^349034.3256
Final Words: She burns like the sun, I can't look away, she burns all horizons..make no mistake.

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Halo is LOVE to ME

DDR is love.

a clockwork orange, abreaction, alkaline trio, andy warhol, angel sanctuary, anime, anne rice, anti hot topic, anti-flag, appleseed cast, art, art stix, at the drive in, backstreet boys, beatles, ben kweller, billy idol, blondie, bondage, bright eyes, celtic music, charcoal, chinese food, chobits, christopher paolini, coldplay, cosplay, cuddling, dance dance revolution, dashboard confessional, dat phan, ddr, dead kennedys, death cab for cutie, desparecidos, deviant art, dimlight photography, dimmu borgir, dj zeratul, elfwood, emperor, eragon, fear factory, filler bunny, final fantasy, final fantasy 8, flaming lips, forensic files, from autumn to ashes, gamecube, george lopez, george orwell, go-gaia, gothic boys, gothic culture, gothic girls, halo, hippies, his infernal majesty, i love the 80s, immolation, independent films, jack the ripper, jani, japan, jfk, jhonen vasquez, john lennon, johnny the homicidal maniac, jonathan, kindness, kissing, last days of april, law and order, lenore, less than jake, lestat, long drives, lord of the rings, love metal, m.c. escher, making art, marilyn monroe, masochism, matchbox 20, mcfoamies, metal, mineral, misfits, mr depp, music, my bloody valentine, nes, never winter nights, nin, nirvana, oi, oil paints, pastels, photography, photoshop, piano, playstation, prismacolor, propagandhi, racial diversity, rain, razorblade romance, revolutionary girl utena, roman dirge, rufus wainwright, sadism, sale, salvador dahli, screenwriting, sell, selling, sensitivity, serial killers, signs of affection, sketching, skinny puppy, smashing pumpkins, social distortion, soundgarden, spookiness, squee, stabbing westward, star wars, stara zagora, synthesizers, the 60s, the 69 eyes, the 70s, the 80s, the beatles, the cure, the nightmare before christmas, theatre of tragedy, tool/apc, trades, u.k. subs, utopia, vampires, van gogh, video games, ville valo, violent femmes, weezer, x box